Louisiana Senate Approves Legislation to Expand Medical Cannabis Program


The Louisiana Senate approved legislation May 27 to expand the state’s medical cannabis program, according to a WBRZ report.

The Senate voted 28-6 to pass Rep. Larry Bagley’s (R-Stonewall) H.B. 819, which would eliminate a rule that requires doctors to register with the state to recommend medical cannabis to patients, as well as expand the state’s qualifying conditions to any “debilitating health condition,” the news outlet reported.

The Louisiana House approved the legislation May 15, but since the Senate passed several amendments to the legislation, it must now go back to the House for final consideration, according to WBRZ.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee also voted May 27 to advance two additional bills to expand medical cannabis access in the state, the news outlet reported.

Rep Joseph Marino’s (I-Gretna) H.B. 158 would allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis for certain neurodegenerative diseases and conditions, while Rep. Rodney Lyons’ (D-Harvey) H.B. 330 would add chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia to the state’s list of qualifying conditions.

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