Magic mushrooms for beginners

The world of psychonautics and hallucinogenic substances can be a new and rewarding way to see reality, as long as you know what you are doing. A badly measured dose or the wrong strain can ruin the experience and turn it into the so-called bad trip, an ordeal that, far from being pleasant, seems to turn against you producing sensations that are not what you seek.

Today, we want to recommend you some magic mushrooms strains that are suitable for those who would like to explore for the first time this kind of experiences, with genetics less powerful and that often produce a nice and recreational high, hardly hallucinogenic, and ideal for getting to know the properties of these interesting fungi.

Psilocybe Colombian mushrooms

Psilocybe Colombian mushrooms

First experiences with magic mushrooms

The first thing we need to do is recommend you to read our article on psilocybin, an alkaloid and the main psychoactive compound of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Knowing more about the substance you are about to take, and how it’s going to affect your body, will give you more security when it comes to undertaking your first trip, in addition to being a step that – to us at least – seems logical.

As you can see in the link, the set and setting are very important to obtain the type of experience you seek. It’s not enough to eat mushrooms and wait for a little; you must ensure that both the environment and the company are to your liking, as well as your mood, which should be good, optimistic, and open to new experiences. The larger the number of “adverse” factors, the more chances you’ll have to experience a bad trip or one that’s not what you wanted.

Having near someone you trust and who knows about these types of practices is also recommended, as she/he can help you and guide you where necessary, and will be able to maintain a familiar and calm environment which will promote a positive experience.

Your mood should be harmonious, open-minded and well-disposed

Your mood should be harmonious, open-minded and well-disposed

Magic mushrooms doses

Taking the right dose is another vital aspect to enjoy a positive experience. Mushrooms can be eaten fresh or dried, and by logic, the weight of the recommended dose will vary depending on how you take them. Usually, the weight of dried mushrooms represents around 10% of that of the fresh ones, so a dose of 2g of dried mushrooms would be about 20g of fresh ones.

Although not everyone shares this view, we recommend you to take slightly less if it’s your first time with this type of mushrooms. This is always better than overdo it and fail to enjoy the experience. There will more occasions in which you will be able to gradually increase the dose until you find the quantity that best suits you.

In this way, we would recommend you to start with a dried mushroom dose of 1-2g. If all goes well and you fancy a little more intensity, the second session you could have 2-3g.

Psilocybe McKennaii almost dry

Psilocybe McKennaii almost dry

Magic mushrooms for beginners

Mushrooms’ potency and effects can be classified in different ways, although they all tend to consider very similar parameters. All the brands we offer, whether breads previously prepared or magic mushroom spores ready to be inoculated, have mushrooms from different places and with different genetics, each of them with its own singularities in terms of the effect produced. Let’s see which are more suitable for a first experience.

Freshmushrooms magic mushrooms

This Dutch company offers different genetics in the form of ready to grow, inoculated breads, which is a really simple process. You can check this on our guide on how to grow Freshmushrooms magic mushrooms. Some are really powerful and aren’t completely suitable for the first contact with this type of fungi, like Psilocybe McKennaii or the popular Golden Teacher. These types of mushrooms are best left for the more experienced.

In contrast, strains such as Psilocybe Mexican XP or Psilocybe Thai XP produce a milder and more manageable effect, much more suitable for those with no experience. Another optimal strain is Psilocybe cubensis Cambodian XP, which has a very similar effect, though perhaps more intense on the visual aspect.

In the following charts, you’ll find more information on the effects you can expect from each of these strains.

Senatur magic mushrooms

This Spanish company also has a nice collection of mushroom breads inoculated with some of the most popular genetics. Besides the two powerful strains we’ve already seen, Golden Teacher and McKennaii, Setnatur offers two other types of mushrooms that novices should avoid, Psilocybe Panamericana and Psilocybe Amazonian.

In contrast, they also have suitable mushrooms for beginners, like Psilocybe cubensis Mexicana and Psilocybe Colombian, with a less recreational and more hallucinogenic effect, but without reaching the levels of other more powerful strains.

If you decide to try Setnatur’s breads, you might be interested in this article where we explain step by step how to grow them.

Growing Setnatur’s Golden Teacher mushrooms

Innervisions magic mushrooms

Within Innervisions’ collection, you can also find strains for the uninitiated, like Psilocybe Cambodian and Psilocybe Thai breads. They are easy to grow and, as in the previous cases, their mushroom growing kits include everything you need to get them going in a few minutes. From there on, it’s just a matter of providing them with some light and the best temperature and humidity conditions. You’ll find all the information in our mushroom growing guides.

We hope this article will help you to get off to a good start in this interesting world, and don’t hesitate to share with us all your doubts, recommendations… and also your funniest and most transcendental experiences!


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