Man Busted on Road Trip with Almost $4 Million Worth of Drugs in His Car

Cross-country roadtrips, while fun and freeing, can be expensive these days given the rising costs of dining, gas, and lodging. Yet even the wildest, balls-to-walls romp from coast-to-coast likely isn’t going to set anyone back by millions of dollars. 

But it practically did for Logan Lewis Pederson, 30, a Utah resident who was just minding his own business as he drove through Arizona this past week. At 3pm on Wednesday, Arizona police pulled him over during a routine traffic stop, and shortly after approaching him, they noticed that he “appeared extremely nervous.”

The cops soon discovered that Pederson had every reason to be nervous. After calling in a K9 unit, the police allegedly found so many drugs in Pederson’s white sedan that even Hunter S. Thompson would’ve been stunned by such an intergalactic stash. 

According to the local CBS affiliate 2KUTV, a search through Pederson’s car turned up: “Six 1-gallon jugs, that weighed a total of 66 pounds, filled with a liquid substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine; six bricks, weighing 13.2 pounds, of cocaine; 1,000 packages of candy infused with THC that weighed 206 pounds; and 2.2 pounds of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).”

The cops estimated the total street value for all of these illicit substances hovered around $3,696,720 — just a few cocaine-bricks shy of $4 million. 

Pederson is now facing a slew of drug and narcotics possession charges along with intent to transport, distribute, and sell. No pending court dates have yet been announced, but — damn, dude. If he wasn’t planning on selling any of that, and it was all just for personal use, that’s hella impressive

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