Massachusetts Gives Green Light to Cannabis Cafes and Delivery Services


Massachusetts recently made a landmark decision that will make life easier for its many legal cannabis consumers and make the black market a little less palatable.

Public cannabis consumption and home delivery are not particularly popular with legislators, but according to Marijuana Business Daily, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission approved both measures by a vote of four to one.

Although they are not without detractors, these decisions provide several benefits that will ultimately help the legal cannabis industry grow and become more mainstream.


Cafes and Home Delivery


Both services are self-explanatory. While the exact details of these cannabis cafes have not yet been released, we do know that their main purpose will be to provide a safe, regulated location for adults to consume marijuana.

However, it will take some time before entrepreneurs get a chance to open their prospective doors. Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steve Hoffman says that allowing these establishments will require some legal work at the state level.

As for delivery, the new rules will give retailers the ability to deliver marijuana to any residential location, so deliveries to public buildings or businesses will be out of the question.

Unlike cafes, delivery services are looking at a much earlier start. Hoffman says that businesses will be able to apply within a few months.


Separate Licensing


Businesses who want to open a cafe or offer home delivery will naturally have to apply for licenses – and they are not cheap.  Each license initially costs $1,500. However, the fee to renew them annually is a whopping $10,000.

Simply being able to afford a license is no guarantee for the time being. The state wishes to give priority to certain groups first:


“For the first two years the two licenses will be reserved for social equity and economic empowerment applicants, which include minority-owned companies and others.”


This inline with the approach of states like Illinois, who made implementations meant to help those most severely impacted by the War on Drugs.


Impact on the Cannabis Industry


Cannabis cafes are perfectly sensible, since in essence their function is identical to a bar or club. They also provide an additional revenue source. Ultimately, however, they are more of a luxury than a necessity.

Delivery, on the other hand, has the potential to be a game-changer. California is perhaps the most infamous example. Its legal market continues to struggle, but things were particularly bad in the early days.

Several cities opted to ban dispensaries. The state also refused to allow home delivery. This created “dry areas” where the black market thrived. For many, it was too much trouble or, perhaps not possible, to find a dispensary. Dealers were – and still are – more than happy to offer free delivery.

Massachusetts will likely see an uptick in legal sales thanks to this added convenience that has no business being illegal in the first place.


WeedAdvisor Offers Tools to New Cannabis Businesses


Although the prospect of cannabis cafes are still a few years away, WeedAdvisor looks forward to offering assistance through a selection of critical business solutions.

Implementing a delivery system also comes with its on challenge, which our tools also make easier. Whether dealing with inventory tracking, POS, reward programs and more, clients will see results that improve efficiency and save money.



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