Massachusetts’ Updated Medical Cannabis Regulations Allow Caregivers to Support More Patients


Massachusetts’ updated medical cannabis regulations allow caregivers to support more patients, but the new rules sparked controversy among industry stakeholders at a public hearing last week, according to a report.

At an Aug. 3 hearing, officials from the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (MPAA) voiced opposition to the Cannabis Control Commission’s new rules, which would allow caregivers to support up to 10 medical cannabis patients each, the news outlet reported.

MPAA President and Executive Director Nichole Snow said “an arbitrary number of patients per caregiver will likely open the door to a gray market that is indistinguishable from the legally-regulated market,” reported.

Still, others at the hearing, including patient advocates, were encouraged by the new regulations, which they said would allow caregivers to provide medical cannabis at a lower price, according to the news outlet.

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