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Mike Tyson Wants to Rename Spain’s Biggest Soccer Stadium After His Weed Brand

The former heavyweight champion of the world wants to step into a new arena, and he wants his name in lights. As Mike Tyson continues to make his name in the cannabis and CBD industries, the boxer and his business partners are looking at a new form of advertising for their next venture: stadium naming rights.

According to BBC Sports, famed Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona announced plans to raise money for COVID-focused charities by selling naming rights to their legendary Camp Nou stadium for the first time ever. And as soon as the sponsorship opportunity presented itself, Tyson’s business partner, Alki David, immediately tossed Tyson’s brand names into the mix.

Now, if FC Barcelona is on board and accepts the offer, David and Tyson are prepared to change the arena name to SwissX Stadium after the duo’s CBD brand, and even suggested that they might be able to “provide plant medicine products in the concessions” if all goes according to plan.

“It’s something we’ve specifically been looking for to adopt in our company and it seemed like an amazing idea,” David told the BBC. “My company is a cannabis company and Spain has a long tradition within the European Union as being a leader or a liberal in the road towards legalization, so it’s evolved quite naturally.”