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Military Veterans And Disabled People Given Free Weed During Lockdown

In Michigan, marijuana sales have been declared an essential industry, meaning cannabis dispensaries have been allowed to stay open for business.

But in Sheridan, Montcalm County, the green stuff is being given away for free to anyone who can prove they served in the military or were on Social Security disability.

Cars queued down the street on Friday to collect goodie bags worth more than $150 (£122), containing quarter ounce bags of cannabis, edibles and hemp products.

The giveaway was organised by local businesses and cannabis advocates who figured it was the best way they could help out during the coronavirus crisis.

David Overholt, who organised the event in front of his store Mid-Michigan Compassion Club, said it was the ‘right thing to do’.

Speaking to WOOD TV8, he said: “The generosity has come out in droves since we announced we were doing this. This is the right thing to do, and I’m so proud of the caregivers that stepped up and did it.

“Everybody’s wearing safety precautions, masks, gloves. We’re trying to stay our distance. We have nobody in the building. It’s all preregistered in the car, similar to take-out food.”

s this cannabis drive-thru took place, police patrol cars paid no notice, as no crime was actually being commited.

David added: “I wouldn’t want to be a politician arguing with a bunch of sick people and veterans right now who are getting free meds at voting time.”

As you might expect, the recipients of these ganja goodie bags were extremely grateful.

Melissa Houston, who has been on disability allowance since being hit by a drunk driver as a teen, said: “Trust you me, this is going to help with my depression and anxiety too, because it always has helped me.”

Debbie Wright, a disabled Navy veteran who has been using cannabis products to help her lessen her prescription medication dosage, said: “It’s a big deal for those who became ‘unemployed’ temporarily due to the virus.”

The organisers said they plan to run the giveaway on a weekly basis during lockdown and they hope it will inspire similar initiatives across Michigan.

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