Mind Body Physique Cannabis Fitness: Lit HIIT

Mind Body Physique Cannabis Fitness: Lit HIIT

This high-intensity workout video will have you feeling lit and fit with full-body functional movements!

This workout will benefit you by:

-Burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time.
-Building beautiful muscle tone & trimming your core.
-Improving oxygen consumption & mental alertness.

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Please Read Below Before Participation.

I am not a doctor, physician, psychologist or a trained medical professional. Please consult with a trained medical professional before participating in the following videos.

Each video created is intended for the individual participating to listen and respond to their body’s needs. I’ll be your guide but this is YOUR ride.

You do not have to consume cannabis to enjoy the benefits of these videos. Ingesting cannabis is only an option. I encourage each participant to do what’s best for them. Consuming cannabis and moving works well for me but is not for everyone.

I advise participants to research the legality of cannabis in their country, state and local laws before consuming cannabis. Even though this portion is out of my control, I encourage anyone consuming cannabis with my videos, to be 21 and older.

If you suffer from physical or mental health issues please consult with your physician before participating.

Again, you do not have to consume cannabis to benefit from cannabis fitness training. All the educational material provided by Mind Body Physique is designed for functional fitness and biomechanical health. Cannabis is an endocannabinoid nutrient that can be used as a tool to enhance your workout experience. Please consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen and ask about using cannabis for your ECS.

By reading this and watching my videos you agree to consume and participate at your own risk. Kendra Solow, Mind Body Physique, YouTube and all other affiliate brands will not be held liable for your negligence.

For any questions relating to the above statements, please email [email protected]

Thank you and enjoy!



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