Missouri Legislature Approves Bill to Restrict Medical Cannabis Edibles


The Missouri House of Representatives approved legislation May 14 that places restrictions on medical cannabis edibles, sending the bill to Gov. Mike Parson for his signature, according to The Motley Fool.

The legislation prohibits certain forms of edible products in the state’s forthcoming medical cannabis market, including those resembling “the shape of a human, animal, or fruit, including realistic, artistic, caricature, or cartoon renderings,” the news outlet reported.

Geometric shapes, such as circles, squares and triangles, are permitted under the bill, according to The Motley Fool.

Also included in the legislation is a rule that the universal cannabis packaging label must appear on all packages that contain 10 mg of cannabis product or more, the news outlet reported.

In addition, the bill requires all dispensary owners, employees and contractors to submit to state and federal background checks.

Missouri voters approved medical cannabis legalization in 2018, and although the state has issued its business licenses, an ongoing investigation into the licensing process and the COVID-19 pandemic have delayed the market’s launch.

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