Modern Canna Receives Florida Testing Certification


LAKELAND, Fla., July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -PRESS RELEASE- Modern Canna Labs announced it has received
its certified marijuana testing laboratory license from the Florida Department
of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use. This certification comes after the
OMMU adopted an emergency rule requiring licensed medical marijuana treatment centers
to only use a certified lab for product testing.

« We were the first lab involved in Florida’s medical marijuana rule
development process and have been working closely with this department since
2014. It is wonderful to see how far our state’s medical marijuana program has
come, » said George Fernandez, founder and CEO of Modern Canna. « Since
the beginning, we have stressed the importance of reporting out data that is
verifiable, reproducible, and legally defensible. Quality data is the core
foundation of any laboratory and the initial building-block for producers who
truly care about growth and sustainability. »

Both of Modern Canna’s facilities are in Lakeland, Florida, and account for
over 12,000-square-feet of lab testing space. One facility is ISO 17025
accredited, solely dedicated to testing for MMTC’s in Florida. The other
facility is NELAP certified, specializing in environmental testing. Modern
Canna is currently the only Leafly Certified Lab Partner in the Southeastern United
States. Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, dedicated
to combating inconsistency in cannabis testing.

« More than anything, I’m just really happy for our team. Years of hard
work went into this, and we are honored to be in this position, » Fernandez
went on to say. « We’ve done a great job employing people who are not only
incredibly talented in the lab, but who are also morally and ethically sound.
Everyone truly cares about our clients and the work we do. » As Modern
Canna lab director Jini Curry explained, « The future of medical marijuana
in Florida relies not only on the MMTCs who produce the products but also on
the CMTLs who perform the quality control testing. »

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