Nevada’s First Cannabis Tasting Room is Open for Business


Just days after the Los Angeles became home to America’s first cannabis café, Nevada reached its own landmark milestone. After years of legal complications, the state decided to delay the green light until 2021 at the earliest.

But thanks to separate law regarding special exemptions on Native American land, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe can open its own tasting room starting October 5th.

According to Leafly, the business’ owner saw a serious gap that needed to be addressed regarding a place for safe, legal cannabis consumption. However, the benefits of this establishment stretch far beyond simple convenience and could change the dynamic of marijuana tourism in Nevada.


“Cannabis Megastore”


Rather aptly called “The Las Vegas Tasting Room,” the lounge’s location and selection make it an attractive spot for cannabis enthusiasts from inside and outside the state:


“On Saturday, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe will open its 1,200 square-foot Vegas Tasting Room, housed inside its 15,800 square-foot cannabis megastore that sits on tribal land just two blocks north of downtown Las Vegas. The lounge will offer small samples of 20 of the store’s 1,000 cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, and even THC-infused beer. “


Patrons will have the option to purchase products and sample available ones in a luxurious, casual environment complete with padded chairs and a fancy ambiance. The aim is to make the business feel welcoming and safe.


Impact on Tourism


The Nevada cannabis industry is doing extremely well, according to Leafly. However, most businesses do no not want the drug anywhere near their property, mainly due to fear of federal reprisals. This restricts places where people can consume it. It is illegal to use marijuana in parks, near schools or inside vehicles.

This leaves outsiders with little choice:


“Most visitors resort to smoking surreptitiously in parking lots, sneaking puffs from vape pens, or opting for infused food or beverages that can be consumed relatively covertly. That’s hardly ideal—especially for beginners, for whom a too-strong high can be uncomfortable or altogether alarming.”


Alfreda Mitre of the Paiute Tribal Council says that the business will a great location for beginners:


“It’s a safe and secure area to try products under the guidance of staff that are familiar with them and who can monitor how customers react. We’ll be giving sample-size products to our customers to educate them and let them experience the products we’re selling in the store.”


The samples are small enough to avoid impairing most consumers, but those who have a low tolerance for THC can access a rideshare program that the business arranged with a local taxi company.


Legal Advantage


Although Nevada delayed similar businesses from opening statewide, those who wish to open on Native American land are in a different position thanks to specific legislation:


“While most Nevada cannabis businesses are banned by state law from offering any kind of on-site consumption, tribes in Nevada are protected by a special regulation. Senate Bill 375, passed during the 2017 legislative session, allows tribes to negotiate directly with the Nevada governor’s office on the use and sale of cannabis on tribal lands. Likewise, it gives the governor authority to bypass federal laws that otherwise limit commerce talks between tribes and Congress.”


This exemption has tremendous potential throughout the state. If one tribe is allowed to work around federal law, then other Native American territories can do the same.


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