New CBD Oil Uses That May Surprise You

It seems like CBD oil is everywhere these days and a general
shift in public opinion coupled with new legislation, is providing a
substantial investment into CBD research. The results are pouring in and the consensus
is that people can benefit from using cannabidiol (CBD), without negative
health risks, or intoxication. Moreover, states that legalized medical
marijuana are experiencing the real-world applications of using CBD oil to
treat many conditions from illness, to injuries. In 2019, patients can get
professional care from a state-certified physician and receive cannabidiol
treatments, in addition to medical marijuana.

What is CBD and How
Does It Work?

CBD refers to one of many cannabinoids found in
marijuana-hemp plants, not to be confused with cannabis. Hemp is altogether
different from what you think of typical marijuana being. In fact, hemp and in
turn CBD doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive compounds associated with
marijuana. CBD’s are abundant in hemp and have been proven to be effective in
treating things like;

  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Joint & general Inflammation
  • Symptoms from Crohn’s
  • Chemotherapy symptoms like nausea and insomnia

The reason that CBD is effective is because it interacts
with CB1 and CB2 receptors within the body, in cells and systems responsible
for many functions. The human body produces cannabinoids naturally, in response
to trauma, or injuries and is thought to be a natural pain killer. When CBD’s
are introduced externally some measurable benefits are produced.

CBD’s work on a molecular level, over time and can affect
people differently.

Side Effects from
Using CBD Oil

Although most people wouldn’t think of them as negative
there are some side-effects that you should know about.  Many people report that taking CBD induces
hunger and that they can over eat if they aren’t careful. Prolonged usage can
cause drowsiness in some people, but most folks don’t experience this,
whatsoever. If taking CBD makes you tired, then it’s recommended that you take
it at night before bed time.

Effective CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory compound naturally and
coupled with the ability to regulate pain receptors makes it an effective
treatment for Arthritis and joint pain.

CBD’s ability to systematically regulate body functions has
proven most effective in Epilepsy care. In 2018, a new CBD derived medication
to treat seizures was approved by the FDA and legalized. Epidiolex can be
prescribed to qualified patients, by neurologists, who
specialize in Epilepsy
care and treatments.

New CBD Oil Uses

An interesting CBD oil use that materialized more recently
is for depression. One of the reasons that it has taken so long to produce
useable results is that the research takes time. However, 2019 will prove to be
an important year for CBD oil research and results are coming in.

CBD for Depression

One study conducted in 2018 by medical marijuana doctors
in Florida
, showed that long-term CBD dosages can improve depression
symptoms significantly.  In addition,
sparing patients from the negative side-effects of traditional depression
medication like, Benzodiazepines. Although it’s not a cure, CBD offers relief
from symptoms and is advancing patient care significantly.

CBD for Anxiety

Taking CBD oil for anxiety is becoming a popular treatment
as well. Again, patient and their doctors like the fact that it doesn’t contain
any addictive properties, or negative side-effects of other medications. It
also provides a safe, long-term solution for depression that doesn’t mask

On the contrary CBD promotes the body to work more
efficiently providing natural anxiety relief through a well-regulated system.
The CBD oil Florida
patients can take is specifically developed to treat anxiety symptoms, and is
sold legally at dispensaries throughout the state.

CBD Oil Skin Care

This is one of the areas that CBD industry growth is going
to exceed all previous projections. The advantage to taking CBD oil through
topicals like cremes, balms, patches, and concentrates are that you don’t have
to ingest the medicine. Most skin care products that infuse CBD oil into their
products for easy application and dosing. CBD’s simply sink in n through the
skin and into the blood-stream where they can quickly start working in the


While many uses for cannabidiol are becoming main stream
there is still a lot we don’t know yet. However, with complete legalization
here with the Hemp Farm Bill signed into law, more research and funding for CBD
oil is moving forward now. As researchers dive deeper into cannabinoids as
medicine, we will see many new uses and medical applications for CBD oil soon.

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