New Product Alert Trulieve Blue River Rosin

In April, Trulieve announced that it signed an agreement with California-based Blue River Extracts & Terpenes™ (“Blue River™”) to bring their award-winning terpene extracts and other trademark branded products to Trulieve locations.

Effective today, Blue River Rosin is now available in Trulieve dispensaries. The rosin is available in Indica, Hybrid or Sativa strains. Strains may vary by Trulieve location and may include Trulieve Indica 9 lb. Hammer, Trulieve Sativa White Buffalo, Trulieve Hybrid Gorilla Grapes and Trulieve Hybrid Space Bomb.

According to Trulieve, Blue River™ Rosin is a full spectrum “Solvent-less Hash Oil” made mechanically from select grades of dry sift derived from whole plant cannabis varieties.

Trulieve added that the proprietary multi-step process includes separating glandular trichomes under extremely cold conditions with the use of sieves, static charge, vibration, filtration and high pressure. The solvent-less technology delivers a high-quality, full spectrum extract with the perfect balance between potency and flavor. 

Blue River is packaged in 1 gram amounts and is for use with the Trulieve Concentrate Pen.

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