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Oklahoma Governor Rejects Bill to Amend State’s Medical Cannabis Program


Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has vetoed a bill to amend certain aspects of the state’s medical cannabis program, according to a Tulsa World report.

While the bill had bipartisan support in the Oklahoma Legislature, lawmakers have opted not to override Stitt’s veto, the news outlet reported.

House Bill 3228, sponsored by Rep. Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City), would have authorized medical cannabis dispensaries to deliver products to patients within a 10-mile radius or, in rural locations, to patients within their county, according to Tulsa World.

The legislation would have also prohibited the Oklahoma State Department of Health from sharing patient and caregiver records with other state agencies without a court order, the news outlet reported.

The bill also included a provision that would have allowed dispensaries to remain in the same location if a school is built within 1,000 feet after the dispensary has already opened, according to Tulsa World.

In his veto message, Stitt said the bill was a “not fully scrutinized effort” to make “substantial policy changes” to Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program, and a legislative override of the veto lacked support in the Senate, the news outlet reported.