Oklahoma Regulators Issue State’s First Medical Cannabis Product Recall


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) issued its first medical cannabis product recall May 15, according to a Tulsa World report.

The OMMA recalled vape cartridges and infused mints produced by Moon Mix under the batch number 158, the news outlet reported, after testing revealed concentrations of myclobutanil.

Patients were advised to return the recalled products to the point of sale, with each dispensary issuing its own refund process, Tulsa World reported. Dispensaries that have the recalled products in stock have been instructed to contact OMMA regarding next steps.

Oklahoma’s cannabis cultivators are required to test all cannabis harvests, and Moon Mix’s cannabis batch had not failed any prior testing, according to Tulsa World, but the OMMA ordered the cannabis products to be tested after Moon Mix was unable to show a testing certificate upon request.

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