Opponents Sue to Keep Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Measure Off Arizona’s 2020 Ballot


Opponents of an adult-use cannabis legalization measure in Arizona have filed a lawsuit to keep the issue off the state’s 2020 ballot, according to a Tucson.com report.

The lawsuit, filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, challenges the measure’s 100-word description, alleging that it misled people into signing the petition to put the issue before voters this fall, the news outlet reported.

Smart and Safe Arizona submitted more than the required number of signatures in early July to qualify its initiative for this year’s ballot, and expects to find out by mid-August if enough signatures are valid to receive the official green light from the state.

The lawsuit aims to convince judges that the measure is not legally fit for a public vote, Tucson.com reported, and points to issues related to the measure’s definition of “marijuana,” as well as how the law might impact impaired driving in the state.

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