Oprah and Amy Schumer Want Gayle King to Get Really, Really Baked

Lead image: Amy Schumer and Oprah Winfrey on the “2020 Vision Tour” via 

Stoner peer pressure is one of the biggest complaints from guidance counselors and youth educators everywhere. But when the social push to try pot is coming from Oprah and Amy Schumer, we’re guessing it’s pretty hard to, uh, “just say no.”

According to the New York Post, Schumer was the latest guest on “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations” podcast, and the discussion quickly turned to their teetotaling mutual friend, Gayle King, with a shared desire to get the CBS Morning Show host incredibly stoned.

“Gayle still thinks weed is a marijuana cigarette, so when you say, ‘Gayle, have you ever smoked weed?’ she’s like, ‘No, I never had a marijuana cigarette,’” Oprah said. “Well, I guess not if you’re calling it a ‘marijuana cigarette.’”

Schumer immediately followed Oprah’s weed statements by crafting a plan to cook a magic batch of extra-baked goods to encourage Gayle to break bad.

“It’s never nice to drug someone, and I’m very against that, but if we just make Gayle a couple brownies.…” Schumer joked.

Despite their A-list status, both Oprah and Schumer have been open with the media about their cannabis use. Schumer has posted photos of herself smoking joints on social media and openly bemoaned her inability to smoke while she was pregnant, while none other than Gayle King herself spilled the beans on her bestie Oprah’s occasional toking.

Oprah and Schumer stopped short of any concrete plans to dose Gayle on some dank, but if they ever do bake that batch of special brownies, you better believe the results will be broadcast to an audience of millions. 

“We’ll Instagram it so y’all can see,” Oprah said. “It would be great.”

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