P.L. Light Systems Introduces New HortiLED TOP 2.0


PRESS RELEASE – With an efficacy of 3.3 μmol/J, the HortiLED TOP 2.0 delivers energy savings by reducing energy consumption by as much as 40% versus traditional HPS systems to deliver the same light levels. The optional remote dimming allows for integration with compatible control systems, where light output can be dimmed on a relative scale, based on lighting schedules and/or variable light requirements, enabling control of light levels and energy consumption.

The HortiLED TOP 2.0 offers two spectrums designed for optimal spectral efficiencies in both supplementary and sole source lighting applications. Constructed from aluminum and LEDs, the HortiLED TOP 2.0 requires minimal maintenance and is designed for the harsh conditions of indoor growing. The HortiLED TOP 2.0 is thermally and mechanically engineered to dissipate heat through conduction and convection paths, minimizing LED junction temperature and maximizing light output, lifetime and reliability. The product’s design features an integrated driver, reducing the amount of equipment to be installed and further minimizing shadowing in greenhouse applications, so plants will receive the maximum amount of light. 

Luminaires can be daisy-chained to save on wiring and installation costs in both new and retrofit applications, while the specially designed mounting brackets allow for quick and secure mounting of the luminaires on both track and truss systems.

The HortiLED TOP 2.0 is certified to the rigorous standards of CSA and is DLC listed, providing growers with performance validation and enabling them to take advantage of energy conservation rebate programs.

“We believe the introduction of the new HortiLED TOP 2.0, will be a game changer for growers who have so far been hesitant to adopt the use of LED technology. The phenomenal efficiency of the luminaire, along with the new spectrums, which are optimized for either supplementary or sole-source lighting applications, means growers can achieve the same lighting performance as traditional sources with all the benefits of LEDs,” explains Todd Philips, president of P.L. Light Systems. “Designed for maximum flexibility, the HortiLED TOP 2.0 can used either as a full LED solution, or in combination with HID luminaires as a hybrid lighting system. »

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