Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Says Legalizing Adult-Use Cannabis Can Help State’s Budget Deficit


Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has expressed his support for legalizing adult-use cannabis to help the state’s $3.2 billion deficit, according to a CBS Pittsburgh report.

“If only there was a widely-consumed unregulated cash crop, wholly confined to the black market, that could generate billions of dollars + 1000’s of jobs + help PA farmers,” Fetterman said on Twitter last week.

He anticipates that the tax revenue from adult-use sales could generate nearly a half a billion dollars annually, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

“There’s already a thriving marijuana market in PA,” Fetterman told the news outlet. “Why not make it legal, why not make it safe and why not make it taxable to help PA get back on its feet?”

Gov. Tom Wolf announced his support for legalization last fall, and although lawmakers have since put forth legalization proposals, legislative leadership remains reluctant to advance any of the bills.

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