Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board Discusses Permanently Adopting Temporary Regulations Related to COVID-19


Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana advisory board held a virtual meeting Aug. 11 to discuss permanently adopting temporary regulations that were established earlier this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a FOX43 report.

The possible changes include allowing dispensaries to permanently provide curbside service to deliver medical cannabis to vehicles, the news outlet reported, as well as removing a rule that one caregiver may only support a maximum of five patients.

In addition, regulators considered allowing doctors to conduct remote consultations with patients to certify them for medical cannabis, as well as allowing patients to purchase a 90-day supply of cannabis rather than a 30-day supply, as is allowed under current law, according to FOX43.

Since the launch of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program in February 2018, 390,000 patients have registered in the program and 230,000 have active certifications, the news outlet reported.

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