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Blue Widow is an ideal recreational and medical strain that is often used for cooking, and in making baked edibles. This hybrid is balanced and is loved by many due to its fruity presence, mixed with its cerebral yet soothing effects, allowing for the perfect giggly afternoon surrounded with good company.
Blueberry Widow is a great relaxing strain that will have you smiling and feeling euphoric – the perfect antidote to stress and pain. It gives an excellent full-body buzz, too, so be sure that the couch is nearby.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50% / 50% 19oz/ m2 35oz/ plant 8-9 weeks



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What is blueberry widow?

Blueberry Widow is again and again listed among the most popular marijuana strains of 2020. It has a sweet smell that draws you in and can also have a woodsy, sour citrus scent too. You’ll think of blueberries and know just where it got its name from! As for the taste, it’s a winning combination of sweet and sour that hits you first and then when you exhale you will notice the soft blueberry taste.


With Blueberry Widow for sale, you’ll enjoy some of the best, most relaxing moments ever. You’ll keep smiling and feel euphoric. Stress be gone! Pain can decrease too, for anyone wanting a good medical marijuana choice. This weed can make you feel tired too so get ready to cuddle up and take a nap. You’ll stick to the couch and enjoy an all-over body buzz on this strain! Are you planning to grow the colourful buds? These are the best weed seeds in 2020 for fast, big growth, especially when growing them outdoors. You’ll get big yields off of this one.

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Brand High Times Cannabis
Grow Difficulty Easy / Moderate
THC Level 19-22%
Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Effect Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
Flavour Sweet, Sour, Blueberry
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Versions Feminized


Blue Widow is a balanced hybrid that can lean slightly Indica depending on the grower. Dinafem created the strain by crossing White Widow with Blueberry.

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What is the aroma of blueberry widow?

The aroma combines sour, pine, earth, and ammonia and finishes with sugar, blueberry, and pepper. The smoke is full-bodied and creates an impression on the lungs.


What is the THC content of Blueberry widow?


The THC content of Blueberry widow is 12 and 17 percent. 


What are the medical benefits of blueberry widow?


Medical users find this strain to be helpful in alleviating symptoms such as pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia. It helps with headache, cramps, and muscle pulls. While not high in CBD, it does help chemotherapy patients become more comfortable after treatment, relieving nausea.


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  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Smoking Wedding Cake initiated a surprise therapy session that I didn’t expect to have . Going through a complicated break up from an almost decade long intense relationship atm – 10 minutes after the first 2 inhales I started to feel more centred, and was easily able to breath into and release the various strains of tension I could feel in my body. Instant recognition and effective release of the underlying guilt/emotional stress/ built up anxiety in my muscle memory. Wedding Cake helped me effectively release the pathos circulating in my body and mind, cathartically culminating in shedding a few tears (something I find almost impossible to do generally, and frankly didn’t think I needed until it happened). Waking up today I feel so much lighter, less tense/angry. Great strain , also a visual and auditory delight.

    Weight: Quarter Pound x 1
  2. Leo bongs (verified owner)

    this one hit on the trifecta of radness! tastes awesome, looks amazing, great high! if you see it, get it!

    Weight: Half Pound x 1
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