Greenhouse Purple Dragon 1/4 oz

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Greenhouse Purple Dragon 1/4 oz

Effects : Body Buzz, Strong, Long Lasting, and Narcotic

Medical : Anxiety, Depression, Body Aches, Menstrual Cramps, Body Aches, Minor Arthritis, and Headaches. 

Smell : Earthy, Pungent, and Fuel

THC : 25 %

Greenhouse Purple Dragon 1/4 oz

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These dense purple nugs are quite lovely, verging on indoor quality as well with a sweet floral and slight musty scent. This cross between Purple Urkle and Blue Dragon is more stimulating than other indicas, providing users with a cerebral and energizing experience upon first taste. While initially uplifting, Purple Dragon shows its full range of effects over time. Relaxing muscles and relieving pain, this strain provides a gentle and effective body buzz. Purple Dragon’s unique effects are complemented by its smooth aroma.

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Order 5-cl-adb-a RS chem.

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Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (113.39 grams), Half Pound (226.79 grams, 1 Pound (453.592 grams), 2 Pound (907.185 grams).

2 reviews for Greenhouse Purple Dragon 1/4 oz

  1. Jemimia Price

    My guys will be contacting you for this suppliers, I told them about you.

  2. Oscar White

    If you’re looking for a powerful and potent strain, Ima bud ( is here to furnish you with the purest you can get online. OG Kush will tick all your boxes. It is a great choice for both medicinal and recreational users who are looking for a powerful THC kick and who want to benefit from the uplifting and euphoric high that it can produce.
    If you’re a fan of dank and earthy strains, Kush will definitely be one of your favourites. With its distinctive and classic aroma and flavor, it offers a unique smoking experience thanks to its impressive terpene profile. It also produces some amazing effects, especially for those who need to reduce pain, improve sleep and eliminate stress.

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