Indoor Strawberry Dream 1/4 oz


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Indoor Strawberry Dream 1/4 oz

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Indoor Strawberry Dream 1/4 oz

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Strawberry dream is a hybrid of Blue Dream and Strawberry Haze. This strain highlights two remarkable sativas, weighing in with 75/25 sativa/indica dominance. Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry indica and the famed Haze #1, which is the father of several famous hazes, including Super Silver Haze.

Place your order for Indoor Strawberry Dream 1/4 oz from Ima buds and enjoy grade AA+ top shelf.

The lineage of Strawberry Haze is Northern (Lights #5 x Haze) x Swiss Sativa. Needless to say, this strain is hazey! For sativa lovers, this is a great showcase of famous sativa genetics, and the high is characteristic of Haze #1 and Super Silver Haze I’ve tried in the past. The flavor is mild and fruity, with a bouquet of strawberry, pineapple, peach, and honey.

This bud was grown indoors. Very uplifting and immediately potent effects, great for daytime use and creativity. The discounted price reflects that the buds could be a bit more dense or “tight,” but the flavor and potency are excellent, and if you love sativa you won’t go wrong with this variety!

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