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Top shelf MYSTERY OZ (AA to AAA) (mystery oz-aa-to-aaa)

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MYSTERY OZ (AA to AAA) – mystery-oz-aa-to-aaa


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  • Soft and chewy Airheads candy
  • White mystery flavor
  • Boldly branded bags and counter display box

Everyone loves surprises which is why consumers go crazy for white mystery Air Heads® that deliver out-of-control chewy goodness in a mystery flavor. Your customers love the fun of guessing the flavor of this chewy candy favorite. Merchandise these tasty mystery flavor Airheads at your point of purchase for impulse sales and in your candy aisles where the silver wrappers get instant attention.

If you like surprises this can be your go-to Ima buds.

MYSTERY OZ (AA to AAA)  can be either Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. It is an amazing product to try as per reviews we get from our first time users. You should try this MYSTERY OZ (AA to AAA) from Ima buds today and enjoy the very best. Get the very best mystery oz-aa-to-aaa

For all you research chemical, simple buy from a legit vendor. Your number 1 legit vendor of research chem sales.

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Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (113.39 grams), Half Pound (226.79 grams, 1 Pound (453.592 grams), 2 Pound (907.185 grams)

4 reviews for MYSTERY OZ (AA to AAA)

  1. Eunoch Lowan

    Put me on a permanent supplier of 1kg every weekend.

  2. Lawrenzo Ernic

    I happened to try this from Imabuds, my colleagues and I order this mystery from imabuds reqularly and they have never for once disappoint us. Quality is excellent and delivery is good and price is fair. Dealing with imabuds is dealing with an all round professional supplier, Well done imabuds. I had never tried cbd like this before and I was curious as to what would be the effect. I must say that the oil imabuds supplied me this morning is really nice and kind of soft to taste, very subtly aroma, and within 30 minutes of taking the oil I felt more relaxed and free. I orders for myself too, and now I take this every alternate day.

  3. Jacob Oxlander

    WOW!! WOW!WOW! in simple terms this is the very best mystery oz i have had in 2 years, I am king of this product so you beta believe me when I say the gas from is top shelf because it is top shelf. Thank you I am definitely sending all my pals and peers to you.

  4. Weed lover

    Just to let you all know, I received 10 pounds from IMA BUDS and the quality is excellent. Thanks for the outstanding services IMA BUDS, you never fail.

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