Quick 444CBDLLC Review **Bubba Kush**


Quick 444CBDLLC Review **Bubba Kush**

This is a previously recorded video of a quick review on 444CBDLLC

The content in this video is intended for an 18+ audience. If you are under age please leave my channel.

**The product being rolled is CBD hemp flower and is legal in all 50 states due to the 2018 Farm Bill**

The 2018 Farm Bill, among other things:
Removed hemp’s low amounts of THC from the Controlled Substances Act;
Allows the U.S. Department of Agriculture to regulate the crop like any other agricultural commodity;
Permits hemp products – like CBD – to be introduced into interstate commerce.
Allows hemp production in all 50 states for any use, including flower production and CBD or other cannabinoid extraction;
Allows interstate commerce for hemp and hemp-derived CBD


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