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Rick Simpson Oil



Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson RSO

Rick Simpson’s history with cancer goes way back. In 1969 his cousin was diagnosed with cancer and started losing weight very fast. Three months later his cousin passed away. This is when Rick Simpson first heard about Marijuana helping to treat cancer but he didn’t give it that much thought. And this is the story of RSO.


A Canadian engineer, Rick Simpson was working in a hospital on 1997 when he started having health issues due to his exposure to asbestos, toxins and fumes.  He started having accidents and passing out at work and had to be taken to the hospital in more than one occasion. When the incidents became reoccurring, he was left with some side effects that started bothering him.  He had post- concussion syndrome where his ears would ring non-stop and his medication was not helping either. This is when he started looking into natural alternatives for treatment. His doctors did not prescribe marijuana for his ailments, and he therefore started doing his research. He was able to access cannabis buds and was able to improve his symptoms by using the plant.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and instead of smoking the plant, he started using it topically applying it directly to the cancerous spots with bandages. Rick

RSO oil
Pure RSO

made his own THC oil using a solvent to extract the THC and CBD.  Rick said that the spots were healed within a few days. Now, he is sharing his method with others free of charge. Rick Simpson does not sell RSO, but rather he has even shared the way in which he extracts the oils as a way of encouraging others to create their own and to this day many people use these oils to improve their lifestyle. He has helped people with melanoma and glaucoma, diabetes, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, asthma and chronic pain, by just sharing and spreading the information about making the medical cannabis oil.


RSO refers to Rick Simpson Oil and it is extracted through a simple method with equipment that is easily found at home. It is made from solvents that are recommended by Simpson himself, for example made using isopropyl alcohol and ether. RSO is

RSO oil

made from Indica which helps give the body a sedative effect. It is different from a lot of other oils since it contains high levels of THC (between 0-60%). Its taste is bitter so for this reason patients prefer to drink the oil, eat it, mix it in foods or add it to their beverages. For treating skin diseases, it is applied directly to the affected area. For those who don’t have access to high quality medical oils, RSO is the answer. The method for extracting the oil destroys all the natural flavonoids and terpenes, meaning it contains little or none at all. This technique is specifically for extracting all the therapeutic cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, CBD, andCBG, etc. These oils are only available in legal states where it is legal to cultivate and process cannabis at home.

Rick Simpson made a major breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry. His methods are in no way beneficial for pharmaceutical companies who make annual revenues from selling their drugs to cancer patient. It is not in their interest that people start treating diseases with cannabis. More and more people are looking into RSO as a cure for their disease.  RSO has become an alternate treatment for cancer and is now being recommended as a testimonial medicine. Rick Simpson’s mission in life has been achieved. He will help and educate anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

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