Savage CBD: CBD Gummies, Flavored CBD Oil and CBD Cartridge Review (2019)


Savage CBD products are lab tested, pesticide-free, GMO-free and THC free. The overall score for each Savage CBD product is below:

1. 500mg Savage CBD Pineapple Blast Vape Cartridge: 9/10, great flavor, fast effect. Buy this vape cartridge if you love pineapple.

2. 1000mg Pink Grapefruit Full Spectrum Tincture: 9/10, Great flavor, fast effect. Great oil for insomnia and stress.

3. 50mg CBD Gummies: 9.5/10, Amazing flavor, the perfect gummy for insomnia.

I was very happy with all three products, I use the CBD gummies daily for sleep.

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