Smoking Kush! Indica CBD Hemp Flower Joint


CBD world you are in for a treat! In this review we breakdown the world-famous Kush strain by Cascadia Blooms. The CBD hemp flower offered by Cascadia Blooms is below the 0.3% THC threshold. Don’t worry you won’t get high with these buds. You’ll get a nice, “hey this feels good feeling.”

Packed with hues of purple, the Indica Kush buds are so impressive. They smell great and look great! The packaging is secure. The 1oz. flowers arrived in a small box, when I opened the box I found the very sturdy ziplock army-esque bag you see in the video. A+ for packaging. I also found out the stickers on the packaging are reusable. The Kush sticker actually looks pretty cool. I peeled it off..😲😲

The buds contain CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, and CBC. Meaning the entourage effect is in full play here. The entourage effect more or less means the more cannabinoids you have the better. This strain has a lot. 👍👍

If you’re new to CBD flowers, just know you can smoke or vape them. In this video, we opted to roll a joint using an all-hemp @RawPapersOfficial cone. #cbd #hemp #smoking

🎥 Timeline

What’s in the strain? 0:30
Let’s Smoke 0:49
Flavor Breakdown 1:27
Kush up close 1:38
CBD Bud Texture 2:25

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