Strain Report – Blue Gelato 41 – The two Voluptuous Sisters, By G.B.I. – Barney’s Farm

Thanks to their excellent Californian connections, barney’s farm have managed to create a couple of strains with heavily popular west cost genetics.

Consisting of 60% indica and 40% sativa, Blue Gelato 41 was bred from the iconic strain Blueberry and heavily sought-after Gelato 41 (Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Indica Sunset Sherbet) from the Cookies Family.

Well, the breeders were sure that marrying these two genetic aces to one another was going to lead to something great… and it did. To be clear about the results – mighty indica power that will “rapidly plunge you into a tranquil pool of potent psychedelic pleasure”, as Barney’s puts it nicely, and can act as a kind of anti-pain massage.

But that strong relaxation effect doesn’t give you a dizzy head feeling, users can enjoy their chill-out session without the chance of falling asleep. Resin glands in vast amounts come naturally to this hybrid. In terms of yields, Blue Gelato 41 is a hit – indoors it delivers a stately 600-700 grams per sq. m. After 63-70 days of flowering outdoors bumper yields up to 2.5-3 kilos are feasible with an extended vegetative stage.

Plants will mature between the 2nd and 3rd week of October, with a good chances of a completely clear harvest as Blue Gelato 41 possesses a very high mould resistance. Aroma-wise, there’s a basic citrus flavor with a certain earthiness and a sweet topping. This variety may reveal different phenotypes, with a likeliness of leaves and calyxes turning purple to blue-ish. The basic rule here is of course that the colder cultivation temperatures are, the more intense these colorations become.

Exemplarily good uniform vegetative growthBlue Gelato 41 and its genetic make-up were music to the ears of The Doc who has had West Coast fever for some time, being fired up by all those beautiful genetics coming from over the big pond to Europe.

So the race was on for this West Coast gem at his place! As usual, with two feminized seeds that sprouted very well, just 2.5 days later and the two seedlings sprouted, eagerly stretching towards the light soon after.

It didn’t last long until rapid vegetative growth set in, with early lateral branching. The plants’ dark green leaves turned out to be thinner than expected, leaning more to the sativa side. Tight internodal spacing resulted in bushy compact growth, when The Doc switched them into flowering after three weeks, they had grown extremely well, having formed an excellent scaffold of strong branches ideal for flowering. They impressed The Doc with their overall uniformity, also height-wise with 30 and 33 cm.

Buds so resinous as if a shower of resin would have rained down on them Flowering began quickly, after about a week female pre-flowering appeared on both plants. In the period that followed they stretched so much that they way more than doubled their height – the sativa dominance of Blue Gelato 41 became apparent. Soon after, bud production was running at full blast.

Within a month, thick young flower bulbs formed along the branches the calyxes and leaves of which were already covered with many trichomes. “Wow, this is quite the great start!” cheered the Doc. And it was going to continue extremely well, too: in the second half of flowering, the buds grew into some real fat whoppers and oozed out tremendously amounts of resin, “it looks as if a shower of resin has rained down on them,” as The Doc put it.

That lavish resin coat covered many of the bud leaves, even big ones sticking out of the buds with their stalks were largely covered in crystals. The buds swelled heavily and became ripe after 68 and 70 days. All of the buds were of remarkable size, with the head buds naturally being particularly grand.

“Just like all the plants from Barney’s Farm I’ve had so far, these two are true beauties! Beauties that are looking like twins, one could call them ‘the two voluptuous sisters’”, laughed The Doc. Buds like glittering pieces of silver: welcome to the noble metal class!The “two voluptuous sisters“ had reached 74 and 77 cm tall in the end, and although their many branches were laden with heavy-weight buds, they were not hanging down so The Doc didn’t have to support them – “some perfect low-maintenance indoor plants”, he praised of Blue Gelato 41.

The smell was broadly similar to the breeder’s description, a marvellously tangy citrus bouquet, but instead of earthiness it had a tart note of fuel mixed in, the whole thing was rounded off with a dash of fruit sweetness. “A magnificent blend of flavours, could sniff at it for hours!” The drying process left the bouquet’s character basically as it previously was, not much changed. In their dry form, the buds looked like glittering pieces of silver, and also their hardness fell into the hard metal category.

This had an impact on the yield of course – a fabulous 223 grams went into The Doc’s huge storage jars!Instant kick: The Doc feels buzzed in no timeA huge “Whoaaah!“ came from the old pothead’s lips after he had inhaled a first hit off his Mighty vaporizer, because the deliciously spicy-citrusy tasting Blue Gelato 41 weed instantly kicked in – at the very moment when he exhaled the big vapor cloud, he felt completely buzzed.

His neurons were sending strong signals of relaxation which made his head feel as light as cotton wool. Two more hits and his body followed, with his limbs pleasantly slackening and his previously somewhat stiff neck loosening up.

It felt like having taken a hot bath in the tub: blissful relief, deep physical and mental relaxation, but no heavy paralysis – The Doc could have got up from his chair if he had wanted to, but allowed himself the luxury of chilling the whole day, daydreaming with a happy smile on his face and listening to some music, pretty stoned, but not heavily befogged and spiritless.

That splendid relaxation session lasted about 2.5 hours. “The two voluptuous sisters have treated me to a real pampering,” the Doc said afterwards, grinning. “That special relaxation effect without a mental knock-out provided by Blue Gelato 41 is just perfect for chilling. This variety has more than fulfilled my expectations, it ticked all the boxes to perfection, talking about its growth and bloom performance, yield, fragrance, taste and effect. The Californian West Coast holds some amazing treasures, and I will definitely uncover more of these!

Written and Published By G.B.I, Barney’s Farm In Weed World Magazine Issue 145

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