Strain Report – Deimos, Calamity Jane, Quasar, Magnum – By Buddha Seeds

The most productive autoflowering varieties of Buddha Seeds you’ll want to grow

The crop is the most desired moment of all cannabis growers and, what’s more, if it comes with massive resinous buds, then that moment tastes of glory! Crop – that divine treasure! For those who look for productivity in their crops, here you have the most productive varieties of Buddha Seeds you are going to adore from the first crop. Promise!


It is the queen among queens of autoflowering production: Magnum is an object of veneration, a cannabis legend you are going to have to have in your garden. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a massive beast that can give us up to 250 grams of delicious buds outdoor with Mother Earth allowing it to reach its highest peak (this amount can be between 550-600 gr/m2 indoor).Due to its big size we don’t recommend indoor farming in big pots. On the other hand, we recommend to use little containers with more than 11 litres capacity, thus helping to control its height.


Buddha Seeds marked a milestone in the history of autoflowering with Deimos, which is famous by its huge size and high productivity. For this reason, Deimos was used by other Seed banks to make their own autoflowering crossing. No one had reached such high levels of production before! Since then, Deimos has a privilege position in the autoflowering world as one of the most productive varieties in the catalogue of Buddha Seeds.


This American tough girl stands outs by its wild production, between 500-600 grams/m2 indoor and 100-250 grams outdoor. Calamity Jane surprises us with resinous buds and high power thanks to its high concentration of THC of up to 21% in some plants. What else you can ask for from an autoflowering plant.


In the field of non autoflowering with high productivity we fi nd Quasar, able to get massive crops up to 2000 grams/m2 indoor and 600 grams outdoor. Besides this, Quasar’s vigorous growth reduces growing time indoor and its strong.

Written and Published By Buddhaseedbank In Weed World Magazine Issue 142

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