Strain Report – Gorilla CBD – By Dinafem

An Indica capable of taming the potency of Gorilla while keeping her taste intact.

Gorilla CBD is a feminized cannabis seed that holds on to the morphology, unbeatable resin yield, and delicious Kush taste of Gorilla but reduces the narcotic effects with a 1:2 THC:CBD ratio. Dinafem Seeds’ Gorilla was warmly welcomed when she hit the shelves in 2018.

Many people rushed to make her part of their tents and gardens. Only those who preferred less devastating strains decided it was wiser to stay away from this incredible cannabis jewel. And it’s for them that we’ve created this CBD-rich hybrid. So, they can not only witness the show set up by this lime-green plant whose thick flowers turn almost white in the final days of the flowering phase but also enjoy the magical earthy and gassy taste of Gorilla without fearing the sofa-anchor effect typical of her.


Gorilla CBD is a hybrid-looking plant with clear Indica predominance. Her internodes aren’t particularly long and her leaves aren’t as thick and as broad as they should be, though. Instead, they are rather sharp and thin, yet she does look like a bush. In fact, she is super leafy and compact and of medium height.

As for her buds, they’re quite spiky and showcase a very special coloring. During the last days of fl owering, they become tinged with a beautiful white shade as a result of her amazing resin yield, which hasn’t been at all hampered by her crushing CBD levels.


Gorilla CBD is a monstrous resin yielder. She’s inherited the massive amount of trichome glands of her predecessor, so her flowers are incredibly sticky. It’s a common belief that high-CBD genetics are unable to produce lots of trichomes, but this strain proves them wrong. It couldn’t really be otherwise. A strain derived from cannabis hybrids as resinous as Dinamed CBD Kush, Dinafem Seeds’ first strain to prove a CBD-pure plant can pose as a THC feminized classic, and Gorilla, one of the most resinous varieties in our catalogue, had to be full of resin.

Aromas and flavours

The tastes and aromas of Gorilla CBD are out of this world. The gassy scent inherited from Gorilla is boosted by the classic Kush flavor of Dinamed CBD Kush, making every drag of this amazing strain a memorable experience.

It’s very common for CBD genetics to have rather similar tastes due to the CBD strain in them. In this case, though, we’ve managed to modify the terpene profi le using an in-house bred CBD pure variety whose fl avor is totally different from the one we all associate with CBD. Thanks to this cross, the taste of Gorilla CBD is one of a kind: a delicious mix of Kush and Gorilla. In fact, her taste is as intense as the one found in THC pure strains.


Here’s where this strain really shines: her CBD levels diminishes the amazing power of Gorilla, a hybrid testing above 25% THC that delivers a devastating high. Her 1:2 THC:CBD ratio makes her incredibly balanced. How is this possible? Because her CBD levels being higher than the THC content means that psychoactivity is kept down, and so the narcotic effects of the original strain are now milder.


When growing Gorilla CBD, it’s important to be moderate and consistent in all respects. She’ll hardly ever let us know when she’s in need of water or food. However, we must water and fertilize her daily and sparingly. To get it just right, keep a close eye on the plant for that’s going to be far more helpful than the manufacturer’s dosage instructions.

On top of that, she’s not afraid of air humidity, nor she likes it in excess. What she does love is having her lower branches trimmed so she can focus all her energy on the parts that really matter: the top and side branches

Type: CBD-Feminised Strain

Genetics: Gorilla x Dinamed Kush CBD

Genotype: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors Indoor

flowering: 55-65 days Indoor yield: 500 g/m2

Outdoor harvest time: Mid-October

Outdoor yield: 1000 g/plant

Outdoor height: 2.5mTHC*: 7% | CBD*: 14%

Written and Published By Dinafem In Weed World Magazine Issue 143

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