Strain Report – New Varieties For 2020 – By Tony, Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion start 2020 with some great new seed varieties. The most unusual one is perhaps THC-Victory, rich in both THC and the new cannabinoid THC-V. In addition there are some new THC-rich varieties with proven USA genetics which should delight the quality-conscious grower.

Banana Blaze and Auto Banana Blaze

Creating a sweet banana flavoured indica dominant variety with a fast bloom time and good yields required some special genetics. These came from a 1990’s gene bank banana indica. When grown well, Banana Blaze will yield heavy harvests of tasty buds from the numerous side branches. With 10 feminised photoperiod seeds for under €35 this is a great value variety which doesn’t need particularly strong nutrients to reach her full XL potential. 7 auto seeds are under €35.

The feminised photoperiod version has great growth vigour, often finishing in a Xmas tree shape with long sticky blooms. She can reach around 1.5m tall and blooms for around 8 weeks. You will notice the distinctive banana aroma around harvest time. You can taste it too, especially on the exhale when smoked. This indica dominant variety gives a supremely satisfying and relaxing body stone with a unique terpene profile.

Auto Banana Blaze

With the same great potency as the feminised version, Auto Banana Blaze is a top quality new auto. Using the same parent genetics you can expect a powerful effect as well as a sweet, fruity, banana-like taste.Indoors, Auto Banana Blaze performs well with 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest and is ready to harvest in 10-12 weeks.

This is a heavy yielding auto, and sometimes requires the full 12 weeks of growth to complete bloom. Outdoors, she will take around 100 days.In good conditions Auto Banana Blaze can produce 150 grams, or more, of top-quality bud per plant. Where possible we recommend growing this lady organically. The yields may not be quite as high as hydroponically grown plants, but the taste and quality of the product can be exceptional.

THC-Victory THC-V seeds from Dutch Passion

With around 8% of THC and a similar level of THCV this is new territory and new cannabinoids for growers interested in trying THC-V. Dutch Passion don’t want to make any medical claims about THC-V, it’s still early days for the medical community. CBD feedback took several years until it had widespread acceptance and use, it may take some time for THC-V to be fully understood. This sativa-dominant feminised photoperiod variety has large yields and takes around 11 weeks in bloom.

Kerosene Krash -High-end USA genetics from GG #4

Home growers have enjoyed great benefi ts from the best of the USA genetics over recent years. The best USA genetics rarely come much better than the proven Gorilla genes. An elite GG#4 female specimen was simply too good to ignore.

This was the basis for Kerosene Krash and was pollinated by a very special male Sherbet. The special gassy-tasting genetics deliver an unusually rich terpene profi le. As the name suggests you will enjoy some powerful fuel scents and high-end THC levels. You can expect medium-height indica dominant plants which finish after around 8 weeks of bloom with generous yields.

But it’s not the heavy yields that growers will like most about this variety, it’s the high quality buds with connoisseur aroma levels and the full terpene spectrum which will really impress.Kerosene Krash produces numerous side branches which are loaded with rock-hard, amazing smelling buds. Vape a little and this variety will lift your mood and relax your soul. But watch out, consume a little bit more and be prepared to get krashed!

C-Vibez – Hybrid genetics with fast bloom and hard buds

C-Vibez is a fast fl owering hybrid made with genetics from Mad Scientist and Voodoo, a potent Thai strain. This is a heavy yielding and vigorously growing hybrid. She grows quickly and blooms rapidly with dense, aromatic buds. C-Vibez takes about 8 weeks to fi nish bloom with an average height of about 1m to 1.5m.Most of the seeds produce short green plants. About 30% show some purple/pink colours, the aroma is strong and penetrating from them all.

This is a heavy yielder with an exceptional terpene profi le. You will experience a strong and particularly satisfying “stone” from these easy-to-grow seeds. C-Vibez is an indica dominant photoperiod feminised hybrid with remarkable fruity and lemony hints in the taste, especially when being burned in a joint or bong. C-Vibez has deliberately not been bred to full stability. This was done to ensure the grower a selection of seriously high-quality phenotypes with vigour usually encountered in F2’s and F3’s.

Sugar Bomb Punch – Feminised seeds for serious resin lover

sugar Bomb Punch caught our attention with the unusually heavy resin production which coats the buds and many of the leaves. Growers who love seeing resin drenched plants with powerful potency will enjoy growing this indica dominant hybrid.The genetics come from THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush). This proven combination of parent genetics stands for 20%+ THC levels, a euphoric couch-lock stone and buds covered with huge quantities of dense, sparkling trichomes.

Sugar Bomb Punch is a deliciously enjoyable, indica dominant plant which grows quickly into a short and stocky heavy yielder. She is perfect for the indoor grower who wants top-shelf quality levels from a compact plant.

She is usually ready after 9 weeks of bloom. Some of the leaves may darken towards the end of her life cycle. Usually there are 4 phenotypes to be found. Look out for the shortest one, she may look small but don’t be fooled. The dense, dank and ultra-strong buds are heavier than you may expect and go a long long way.

Written and Published By Tony, Dutch Passion In Weed World Magazine Issue 145

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