Strain Report – The Dank (Badgersdank) – By Subcool

Grow Information

Grower: Tanasi Gardens

Instagram: tanasigardens

YouTube: Tanasi Gardens

Style: Organic

Medium: Supersoil 10-gallon pots

Year exp: 5

Flowering light: HPS Super Hortilux

Veg light: Photon Fantom Design LEDs 500watt

Strain/lineage: Badgersdank: My Sharona (Tinto de Verano x Goji OG)

Type: 65/35 sativa dominate hybrid


72-hour germination in a paper towel and bag. 4 out of 10 popped in the towel. Once in soil I got 9 out of 10 sprouted. 5 of those were female. Medium-to-large yields, terpy like lemons, super filthy in trichomes, makes great rosin. Wasn’t a heavy feeder. She will stretch.

Eye appeal

All phenos had massive trichome production and is on point at day 12 of fl ower. Disco balls for the win here. Tall plants with orange hairs reaching for you. They shine so bright.

Yield: 3 to 4oz per plant/10-gallon pot

Density: All phenos were large dense nugs

Aroma: Sweet lemon cleaner on most. 1 pheno was a lemon Cheese funk


Great female ratio, lots of varieties came out. Amazing trichome production. Hash maker. Keeper – keep her.

Rosin Smoke⁄Smash Report

I dry trim the plant and put that into a gallon jar and stick that in the freezer. I will take a 190 or 160 micron bubble bag and shake the frozen dry trim for 2 min and jar up my sift. I use 25/35 micron rosin bag and will press at 170 degrees for 90 seconds around 6000 pounds.

This run I shook 175.6g frozen trim and got 13.19g of high quality my sharona frozen sift. I bagged up the sift in four 25 micron bags. 3.7g sift in three bags and 1.9g sift in the fourth bag. Pressed on 4’’x 4’’ plates at 170 degrees for 90 seconds around 6000 pounds. I got a 4.44g return on two presses per bag. First press yields 3.2g rosin. Second press yields 1.2g rosin. Extreme terps and a nice light creamy tan color. Not harsh at all and comes with a punch. Potency is perfect for the medicinal side. I get a near immediate relaxing in my back muscles for the first dab.

Potency: 9.5

Taste: Light creamy lemon cleaner

Smoothness (1=harsh 10=smooth): 9

Effect onset (1=immediate 10=creeper: 2

Tolerance buildup (1=slow 10=fast): 2

Medicinal strength (1=low 10=high): 9

Overall satisfaction (1=low 10=high): 10

Keeper? Yes. yes. yes. More than one pheno was a keeper.

Written and Published By Subcool In Weed World Magazine Issue 142

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