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Strain Review – Purple Punch – By Subcool, The Weed Nerd

I first heard of this colorful strain when I moved to Arizona after the fire. I knew she was a beautiful plant with that rich purple color everyone loves, but I also kept hearing the word “Boof” associated with her. I was able to sample some rosin made from her buds and I loved the grape-rich flavour.

I was offered a cut for 500$ and I was in a bind after the fire so I paid up and acquired a cutting for my pool grow. I took her in and quarantined her, taking clones using a 1000 power cope to check for any pest. I loaded the mother plant into a 15-gallon pot using a lasagna method of Super Soil on the bottom ½, Bigrootz soil in top 1/3 and some inert potting soil around the roots to buffer them a bit as they work into soil with more nutrients. I have been criticized for this as roots don’t just grow down slowly, they shoot down to the bottom, but the method works really well and Purple Punch loved it from start to finish.

With wide leaves and a dark finish, the plant looks almost ornamental in veg with really great structure. I vegged the plant and topped her till she was a nice 4-foot bush. Once in 12/12 she stretched out 3x her initial height and started to fill in. The plant does not turn Purple until the very end (like week 6 and 7) and she turns rapidly. Starting at the top bud in a kind of spider pattern, the color begins working its way down until the whole plant is solid Purple but a soft purple like Grape Wacky Taffy.

Purple Punch finishes fast and has incredible bag appeal so I was expecting something fairly mild and tasty when I smoked it based on people’s comments. I loved the first hit and was pleasantly surprised by the high. Now, anytime a grower harvests something new that he didn’t create himself it’s refreshing and you get super high on new profiles, so I took that into account. Then my jars ran out because everyone kept asking for it and when I smoked the last of my rosin from it I was very sad and wanted more immediately. The parents of this strain are Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple and according to grow style and nutrients used it can have a spectrum of flavors. Grapes, Blueberries, Candy, Skittles, Tart, Fruity, and even some Blueberry. Grown well it can top 25% potency so I am not sure where the “boof” comment came from – everyone in my group actually loves the strain and she simply dumps Hash!

I feel it is Indica dominant but it’s not couchlock, more of a calming relaxing high great to get a nice massage or chill with a loved one. It also helps with pain when I smoke it my back always relaxes a bit. It will induce a nap as well but only if you take the time to unwind and let it wash over you.

The inhale is smooth and pleasant. I grow organically so I am used to fruity tasting weed but this was on another level – the combination of Grapes and Fruit were super strong. This is absolutely joint weed and tastes just phenomenal in a clean bong as well.I lost my cut in the War on Russets but I have already secured a nice cutting for the restart in September. I will be very careful about taking in any clones, but this one is worth the additional effort IMO.

Shortly after I started posting Purple Punch on Social Media the community let me know that actually one person is responsible for this strain and I wanted to give him credit

@Supernovagenetics actually created Purple Punch but gets very little credit which was the main reason I wanted to write this strain review! While Purple Punch is a clone-only strain, lots of Nurseries like Dark Heart offer this cutting for sale.

Written and Published By Subcool, The Weed Nerd In Weed World Magazine Issue 141

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