T.I. Gets Big Things Poppin’ with Snoop Dogg on a New GGN

T.I. has been a busy man over the years. The three-time Grammy winning rapper started off in the late ‘90s by hustling mixtapes on the streets of Atlanta. After rising to the tippy-top of the hip-hop world alongside other Dirty South acts such as Outkast, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy by the mid-2000s, he branched into acting and appeared in several Hollywood films, eventually landing a role in the multi-billion-dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. 

T.I. has also headlined three reality TV shows, one of which included his family as co-stars. And somehow, in addition to a stellar career as a performer, he’s managed to run his own record label, a video production company, a nightclub, and a strip club — all while philanthropically giving back to ATL, the city where he got his start.

On a fresh episode of GGN, the Rubber Band Man gets things poppin’ with Uncle Snoop, starting with a discussion about the intersection of hustling and business acumen.