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TGOD Expands Agreement With Stillwater, and Will Begin Selling RIPPLE in Canada


DENVER and TORONTO, June 15, 2020 /CNW/ -PRESS RELEASE- The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD), a cannabis cultivator headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, announced June 15 that it has expanded its exclusive licensing agreement with Colorado-based Stillwater Brands, and will be launching its RIPPLE suite of products in Canada.

Stillwater and TGOD launched their first Cannabis 2.0 product at the end of March, the TGOD Infuser 10mg THC. TGOD says this first product was very successful, and that made them decide to expand the series by introducing additional formats. Moving forward, all formats will fall under the RIPPLE brand name.

« Soluble cannabinoids are the future of functional foods, » said Justin Singer, CEO of Stillwater Brands. « Novelty can only carry a product so far. Ultimately, consistency and predictability are what keep consumers coming back. The success of RIPPLE in Colorado proves the value of our commitment to quality above all, and TGOD’s commitment to organic, high-quality products makes them an ideal partner to carry our vision beyond the U.S. »

On their own, ingested cannabinoids such as THC are poorly absorbed by the body. It can take some consumers hours to feel the effects of edibles that rely on butter- or tincture-based formulations, a situation that too often leads to disappointment. In contrast, RIPPLE relies on proprietary solubilization technology to render THC and CBD water-soluble, allowing these cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and are proven to begin generating effects within 15 minutes of ingestion.]]>
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