The 3 Most Effective Cannabis Strains For Managing Multiple Sclerosis

MS can be quite a crippling disease.  This auto-immune disease affects the brains, spinal cord and optical nerves. Not only does it bring chronic pain and spasticity, but it can also hamper with your daily activities.

Good news is that medical cannabis has shown promising results when it comes to managing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Many medical organizations and patients are now using medical marijuana products to combat MS symptoms.

Choosing the right cannabis strain can help you make the most out of your medicine. We chose three popular strains that are easily available online and in dispensaries with which you can manage MS symptoms effectively. Continue reading to learn more about them.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS affects over 400 000 Americans who suffer from various complicated neurological manifestations. There are various types of MS, the most common being progressive type and relapsing-remitting type.

Minor and common symptoms include fatigue, muscle spasticity, numbness, vision problems, coordination, and balance problems. Complicated symptoms can also cause cognitive dysfunction, bowel & bladder dysfunction. It is also very likely that MS triggers depression and other anxiety disorders in patients as well.

Doctors haven’t yet ruled out the causes of MS and also how this condition progresses eventually. This condition doesn’t have a cure but symptoms can otherwise be managed to live a normal life. Conventional pharmaceutical treatments involve the use of immunosuppressants which come with their own list of side effects and disadvantages.

How Can Cannabis Help With Multiple Sclerosis Management?

Although immunosuppressants have been used to manage MS for the past 4 decades,  there is always a risk that a patient may develop an infection, high blood pressure, depression, and weight gain.

On the other hand, active cannabinoids in marijuana like CBD act as an antiemetic and an anti-inflammatory agent. Along with this, they also offer neuroprotective and antipsychotic properties.

A review by the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) in 2017 stated that cannabis treatment has helped several MS patients deal with pain and muscle spasticity. Another web survey revealed that 66% of MS patients are using medical marijuana products to get relief from chronic symptoms.

Choose From These Easily Available Marijuana Strains To Manage MS

Patients using cannabis treatment for Multiple Sclerosis claim that it helps with muscle spasms, spasticity, and chronic pain. This can only be successfully achieved with the right medical marijuana strain. You must generally aim for strains that target pain and inflammation problems.

Be it CBD infused butter or an indica brownie, the below-given cannabis strains can work miracles for MS patients:

  1. Sour Diesel

Sour D is a sativa-dominant strain which delivers energizing and cerebral effects immediately. This strain has been a legend when it comes to managing pain, stress and depression problems, one reason it works perfectly well for MS patients.

Along with a THC & CBD ratio of 19-25% and 0.1-0.3%, it also contains other active cannabinoids like Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, and Limonene which increase the therapeutic properties of sour diesel.

Being a very popular strain in CA, Sour D can help you with pain management during the day.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

A phenotype of the famous OG Kush crossed with Durban Poison, this strain provides maximum body relaxation and euphoria. MS patients can consume GSC products for nausea, pain relief and to stimulate appetite.

With a hint of earthy aroma, this strain can go a long way to energize your body and mind, relieve stress, relax the body and help with analgesic problems. Girl Scout Cookie products are quite in demand and are easily available all across California.

  1. ACDC

This strain is derived from the high CBD strain Cannatoic. It contains a THC: CBD ratio of 1:20 and has a minimum to zero euphoric/intoxicating effect on patients. This is one reason why ACDC can be used by patients who do not wish to feel the ‘high’  like other Sativa strains.

ACDC can be used by MS patients to manage anxiety and pain with a clear head. It also works wonders for inflammation and muscle spasms. If you are looking for hope and relief, this strain can be your cue.

Wrapping it all up, there are a variety of strains that can help you manage Multiple Sclerosis in the long term. These 3 are available easily all across California. Every individual can have their own preference be it a Sativa or an Indica strain. With cannabis, patients are now hopeful of a normal life and the same can now be true for you.

Always remember to have a medical recommendation when looking to buy these products online or otherwise. Having a 420 evaluation can get you access to a variety of products and also help you save on taxes.

About the Author

James J Harper is a writer, marijuana enthusiast, and a frequent traveler. He has been writing on medical marijuana for the last many years and is quite the favorite of many medical marijuana doctors in Orange County. James has been writing actively about the medical benefits of Cannabis and how patients can benefit the most out of it.

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