The Essential Weed Gadgets and Marijuana Apparel for any Music Festival

Festival season is right around the corner, and besides finding the best lineup, the biggest choice you’ll make is what gear to bring with you and what outfits to wear. Whether you’re a stoner raver on the road to EDC or a ganja-loving bohemian babe hitting up Bonnaroo or What the Festival, this list has got you covered and will get you excited for the months (and shows) ahead.

1.  Festie Fever Fanny Pack

Every festival-goer’s most important accessory is arguably the fanny pack. No one wants to lug around a purse or a giant backpack (which often aren’t allowed anyways) to carry their essentials. Throw your phone, ID, cash, joints, and whatever else you plan to carry with you into this quality (but affordable) pack and you’re good to go.


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2. Ganja Galaxy Print Bodysuit

This ganja galaxy bodysuit looks both comfortable and super eye-catching, sure to make a statement when you waltz your way into the festival grounds. While it’s adorable on its own, you could also throw on a pair of high-waisted pants and a cardigan if your festival-of-choice will be a bit too cold for a bodysuit.

3.  2-in-1 Watch with Secret Grinder

This watch, featured in our blog on the most innovative grinders, would make a perfect festival accessory as it is inconspicuous and likely to make it through security checkpoints without much of a glance.

4. Glittering Green Pot Leaf Cannabis Nipple Pasties

For the ravers (or the just plain adventurous), these pasties are sure to make a statement at the show. These babies are known for staying on for hours, but you can always purchase some gentle double-sided dress tape if you want some extra reassurance while you dance the day (and night) away.

5. Weed Micro Cut Out Booty Shorts

These cannabis bottoms are a style that’s a favorite in the rave world and are both comfortable and eye-catching. They can be paired with pretty much any style of top for a new look every time, making them a good investment for future festivals.

6. Kawaii Buds Print Tank Top

This guys tank is a great festival look. Men can often get the short end of the stick on festival-wear options, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to show your unique personality a little. Festivals are the place where everyone is free to go a little crazy and push boundaries, and you can do so with your style by adding this shirt to your packing list.

7. Dube Tubes

These fake tampons bring stash jars to a whole new level. Perfect for joints, they are designed to be smell-proof and should allow you to get your goods into the festival without having to hide them wherever your outfit allows. Just toss a couple of these in your fanny pack and walk through with confidence.

8.  Weed Sunglasses

These affordable shades are a festival accessory that is sure to draw some attention and be a staple piece to your outfit. If you’re looking for an easy way to invite a little puff-puff-pass action to head your way, these glasses are it.

9. Fresh Cannabis Canvas Backpack

If fanny packs just aren’t your style, or you’ve got a bit too much gear to carry, this trendy-looking backpack is sizable and bright, making it a perfect carry-all for your day in the festival grounds.

10.  World of Leggings Leafy Print

These leggings have a 4.5/5 star rating and will provide comfort and style for your festival attire. If you aren’t into the ganja print, they currently feature forty different prints to satisfy your hearts desire.

11. Concealable Pipe Bracelet

This nifty little gadget looks like some kind of typical hemp bracelet, but actually transforms to a pipe when undone. This makes smoking on-the-go during the festival a breeze, and keeps you from having to smuggle any heavy-duty smoking accessories into the grounds.

12.  Panda Kush Face Mask Bandana

Do you suffer from ‘rage face,’ or just need a little dust or sun protection? Either way, this seamless face mask has got you covered. If the panda kush design isn’t your style, there are a few others to choose from as well.

13. Solar Spark Lighter

Also featured in our unique stocking stuffers for stoners blog, this solar-powered lighter is environmentally friendly and will save you from that dreadful moment where the only lighter you remembered to pack runs out of fluid. Not only is this handy, but it’s sure to entertain a crowd as you light up a joint using just this tool and a little sunshine.

14. Sassy Assy Booty Shorts

These booty shorts are the perfect rave or festival bottoms for any ganja loving babe (or dude, if that’s your style). You’ll make everyone want to roll their weed on it when you turn around in these babies.

15. Weed Corn Hole Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl wrap is designed for everyone’s favorite festival campground game. Whether you call it Cornhole or Bags, it’s a tried-and-true past time. Spice your game up a bit with these weed leaf covers.

16. 420 Rasta Weed Kandi Necklace

This perler necklace is a statement piece, and would make a great outfit addition. You can also gift it to your new best stoner bud at the festival who shares the blunt with you each pass-around.

17. Marijuana Leaf Kandi Mask

Kandi masks are all the rage these days, and this marijuana leaf mask is sure to get you some high-fives throughout the festival.

18. Glow in the Dark Weed Leaf Snapback 

This baseball cap looks stylish and on-point during the day, but wait until night falls at the festival and everyone around you realizes that it also glows in the dark. This is sure to garner some attention and therefor makes for a perfect festival piece.

19. Ganja Galaxy Premium Tee

If bodysuits aren’t your style or you’re a guy looking for a flashy festival outfit, this all-over print ganja galaxy tee is sure to do the trick.



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