The Sativa Simpsons: Watch Homer and Marge Sell Bud in a New Episode

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If you’re like us, and the millions of others around the globe doing your part to stay inside and self-isolate, you’ve probably watched more TV than normal these past couple weeks. Thankfully, the writers of The Simpsons premiered a new episode that’s perfect for us couch-locked in quarantine.

The latest episode in the 31st season of The Simpsons, titled “Highway to Well,” imagines a world in which legal weed has recently arrived in Springfield, and our favorite couple attempts to cash in. Before realizing what the hip, sleek “Well+Good” dispensary really sells, Marge locks down a gig as a budtender, hawking THC gummies, tinctures, blowtorches, and vape pens to a who’s who of Springfield tokers. 

Like episodes of South Park before it, The Simpsons’ foray into legal weed was rife with real-world mockery. Starting with familiar targets Med Men and Mike Tyson’s “Tyson Ranch,” Marge’s new employer is a jumbled mix of corporate cannabis figures. “Well+Good” is constantly confused for an Apple store and is run by a face-tattooed retired boxer who’s aiming to build a cannabis-themed resort and spa.