Top 11 Health Benefits of Kratom

or Mitragyna Speciosa, a tropical
evergreen tree native to South Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, and
Malaysia, was previously used as an opium substitute by the locals. It is
because Kratom is said to contain analgesic properties which help relieve pain
and promote better sleep.

leaves are the most famous and most essential part of the plant. It is rich
with sedative and stimulant properties that work great for treating digestive
disturbances, chronic pain, and aid for opiate withdrawal. However, there’s
more to Kratom than these benefits! Read our top 11 health benefits of Kratom

Health Benefits of Kratom

1.       It boosts stimulation and energy

used in high doses, Kratom performs as a sedative effect which can
significantly decrease your energy levels.

in low doses, Kratom reacts the opposite and works as an effective stimulant.
This further helps if you are fatigued or may be suffering from anxiety or
stress as this can stimulate your mood.

doses of Kratom also allow people to work in the maximum energy level. It gets
them energetic while feeling the positive vibes around. Similarly, the same
produces a positive effect on a person’s mental health as it replaces the
feeling of lethargy with an improved mood and thinking.

2.                  It can work as an effective and safe

on mid-range doses usually in 3 to 6 grams, can be an effective painkiller. Its
leaves have analgesic properties which can effect for about 6 hours after
consumption, bringing an effective relief to physical pain. This physical pain
usually includes inflamed joints and muscles.

this potential of Kratom then leads to its wide usage in chronic pain
conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint and muscle pain,
and slipped disc.

the alkaloids further alleviate the body pain by dulling the pain receptors in
your body through the opium-like or morphine quality of the plant’s leaves.
Some strains that contain strong analgesia are White Maeng Da, Red Bali, and
Red Maeng Da.

3.                  It makes you feel euphoric

the strains of Kratom can actually improve your mood. It only varies on the
level and, of course, the dosage you take.

Kratom increases your mood, it also provides you with the feeling of euphoria.
It uplifts energy and stimulates your emotional wellness which basically makes
you happy. The low dose is essential to note here as higher levels in most
strains can provide a sedative effect instead of stimulating effect.

does it work? After consuming Kratom, it targets the hormonal system by
triggering the release of dopamine and serotonin, known as happy hormones.

and Borneo are the 2 strains which, usually in doses of 4 grams, can already
produce higher mood levels. That is why it is now being used by many to help
with depression.

4.                  It helps with opiate withdrawal

Kratom is not considered as an opiate, it still mimics the other effects of an
opiate. It is done through interacting with the receptors in your body, without
any dangerous effect or form of addiction. By binding well with these receptors
while mimicking the effect of opiates, it then reduces your cravings.

the same time, it also reduces physical symptoms of withdrawal like cramping,
nausea, and shaking by, Kratom, disguising as an alternative.

all, Kratom can also help, numb pain, lift your mood and help deal with the
emotional trauma of opiate or drug withdrawal.

5.  It
stimulates libido or sexual arousal

is seen by many traditional practitioners and users as an aphrodisiac boosting
fertility, as it increases the blood flow which then helps increase fertility.
Kratom is also found to energize a very tired libido as well as improve
conception rates.

6.                  It helps treat most forms of anxiety

we now have several kinds of anxiety disorder.

type of anxiety you experience, Kratom is known for working well with those to
basically reduce its effects. The feeling of panic, as well as physical
symptoms like sweating and palpitation, can be reduced with Kratom.

Kratom leaves contain an anxiolytic substance for those who suffer from
depression, mood swings, anxiety, and stress. It works by regulating and balancing
the hormones in your body to promote a general sense of wellbeing. It also
relieves any imbalances in your brain receptors to create an overall feeling of

dealing with phobias and social anxiety, Kratom can be used successfully.

Kratom, patients need not rely much on pharmaceutical drugs which also consist
of several side effects.

7.                  It improves cognitive functions

can be able to enhance your cognitive function. This is done by sharpening your
mental processes which then boosts your performance.

is great to be consumed especially if you are in need of focusing on a
particular key task. One example is if you are doing detailed work or just
studying. Take note that to make this happen, your intake should only be in
average doses as this effect may reverse in high doses.

8.                  It can be used 
as an anti-inflammatory

only Kratom can be used as an effective pain reliever but also as an
anti-inflammatory substance. Kratom is known for helping your body to reduce
the inflammation caused by arthritis and osteoporosis. It has also the ability
to reduce pain and swelling levels slowly healing your body.

can be done by taking Kratom of around 3 to 6 grams on a regular basis.

9.                  It may help you lose weight

mainly targets the hypothalamus, a controller of appetite, in the brain. After
consuming Kratom, it regulates your appetite in that region by telling your
brain to stop eating whenever you are full.

10.              It calms your mind

calmness, peace and the accompaniment of physical relaxation are all possible
with Kratom. In fact, it’s being widely used for this particular purpose, but
should only be consumed at lower doses.

you also suffer by not being able to get proper sleep, then this plant can
certainly help you. It produces a sedative effect which provides your body more
time to fall into a deep sleep.

11.  It helps
boost your immune system

studies on alkaloids found in Kratom have shown that the alkaloids themselves
provide strength to our immune system. It is also found that the Kratom leaves
extracts are endowed as a natural and safe source of antioxidants.


Kratom has already proven its health benefits from real-life users’
experiences, it still has on-going research for strong clinical evidence. In
fact, with enough supporting studies, Kratom may unleash its full potential in
the medical field.

example is Kratom Crazy which
analyzed the alkaloids content of each Kratom and found out its medicinal
purposes. They then created a reliable process of harvesting, maturation, and
production of their supplements to create optimal Kratom product. In each
product, they also included the corresponding dose to achieve its effect.

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