Trulieve Hybrid Space Bomb (Spb)

Trulieve Hybrid Space Bomb is a sativa-dominant (approximately 60%) hybrid strain. Space Bomb’s parents are Tiny Bomb and Space Queen.

Patients describe Space Bomb’s effects as euphoric, happy, energetic and social/talkative. It resembles a true sativa in that it does not induce a heavy, concentrated high like an Indica.

Space Bomb has been known to treat depression, stress, headaches, pain and insomnia.

If you need energy and motivation to accomplish tasks, this strain may be beneficial. As with most cannabis products, ease into consumption to understand how the product mingles with your physiology. Each patient is unique, and patient self-reporting is personal. Use these descriptions as a guide.

If you enjoy Trulieve Hybrid Space Bomb, try Trulieve Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Kush (Sek) and Trulieve Hybrid Strawberry Switchblade (Ssb).

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