Trulieve Hybrid Strawberry Switchblade (Ssb)

Trulieve Hybrid Strawberry Switchblade (Ssb) has connections to a variety of genetics including OG Kush, Skunk and more.

Ssb was engineered to highlight the strawberry dominant genes.

Patients often report that this is more of a sativa-dominant hybrid which means the effects are more energizing than “couchlocking.”

For new patients, ease into this strain to find your most effective dosage. Strawberry Switchblade is helpful in treating the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, lack of appetite and more.

This is a strain that isn’t necessarily strong or pungent in aroma, but sweet, with hints of berry.

If you like Trulieve Hybride Strawberry Switchblade, try Trulieve Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Kush or Trulieve Gainesville Green.

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