Trulieve Vape Cartridges

Trulieve Vape Cartridges are available in a variety of options.

Medical cannabis patients enjoy the discrete and precise nature of vaporizers.

Vaporizing cannabis offers the most immediate relief to the patient as it keeps blood levels balanced. This product’s intensity varies by patient, so start out consuming a little and increase frequency with use.

Trulieve Vape Cartridges are available in 250 mg, 400 and 600 mg. ceramic cartridges and C02 vape pen/400 mg. Vaporizer pens and batteries are available at your local Trulieve.

If you are interested in Trulieve’s assortment of vape cartridges, here are some recommended strains:

Trulieve Hybrid Chemdawg

Trulieve Hybrid Original Glue

Trulieve Indica 9 lb. Hammer

*Check with your local Trulieve location as cannabis strains rotate and vary.

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