Trump Cancels European Travel and Cannabis Conferences Worldwide Come To A Grinding Halt

Here’s a current list of cancelled cannabis conferences c/- Celeb Stoner

Event Cancellations

• March 3-7 – Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA

• March 13-15 – Spannabis, Barcelona, Spain

• March 13-22 – SXSW, Austin, TX

• March 18 – California Cannabis Industry Association Policy Conference, Sacramento, CA

• March 20-22 – Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL

• March 20-22 – NECANNBoston, MA

• March 22-24 – Oklahoma Cannabis Expo, Oklahoma City, OK

• March 25-28 – National Cannabis Unity Conference, Washington, DC

• March 26-28 – NOCO Hemp Expo, Denver. CO

• March 30-31 – CannaTech, Tel Aviv, Israel

• April 1-2 – Hall of Flowers, Cathedral City, CA

• April 1-3 – International Cannabis Business Conference, Berlin, Germany

• April 10-12, 17-19 – Coachella, Indio, CA

• April 14-15  – AHPA Hemp-CBD Supplement Congress, Portland, OR


A couple of days ago Linked in worries about. • March 13-15 – Spannabis, Barcelona, Spain.

We contacted them yesterday with a direct enquiry about the conference after seein the Linked In posts below. As yet haven’t received a response, but then fair enough. It isn’t the easiest of times. It appears from the list above they have seen the error of their ways ( Unlike, i hasten to add, the Legalex Legal Tech Conference in London that we are currently in London for and have had to take early flights home and cancel a stand while they sit on their hands to try and preserve their revenues rather than their clients . Not sure they’ll have many fans when they try to sell the conference next year)

This message came in from ICBC (Spannabis) last night

ICBC Barcelona

We deeply regret to inform you that ICBC Barcelona is canceled due to the US/Europe travel ban that was implemented a few hours ago this morning by the United States government. Due to this unfortunate occurrence, many of our exhibitors and attendees are currently scrambling for flights back to the US and other respective travel destinations. The health and safety of our patrons and their families are of the utmost importance. More information will be forthcoming. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Everybody, please stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you at the next ICBC under better circumstances.

Thank you,
Alex Rogers





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