Ultra Health Ready to Serve Out-of-State Patients as New Mexico Changes Regulations


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -PRESS RELEASE- New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program will officially begin allowing out-of-state medical cannabis patients to possess and purchase medical cannabis while in New Mexico. Ultra Health, a New Mexico cannabis company, will be providing medical cannabis for reciprocal participants on July 1, 2020.

Patients with proof of authorization from a medical cannabis program outside New Mexico, also known as reciprocal participants, may begin purchasing medical cannabis from New Mexico dispensaries on July 1, 2020, without paying any additional fee. Reciprocal participants may purchase and possess up to 230 units or 8 ounces of cannabis in a 90-day period.

New Mexico’s reciprocity legislation is among the most lenient in the country, allowing medical cannabis patients with proof of authorization from any state, the District of Columbia, a territory or commonwealth of the U.S. or a New Mexico Indian nation, tribe or pueblo to purchase medical cannabis while in New Mexico. 

While many other reciprocal programs in medical cannabis states require a medical cannabis “card” specifically, New Mexico’s program only requires proof of authorization which includes doctor recommendations like those more commonly issued in California. Additionally, reciprocal participants may have qualifying conditions that are not currently approved for medical cannabis patient status in New Mexico, and they are not required to comply with New Mexico’s patient card application nor renewal requirements. 

Non-residents with an authorization for medical cannabis from outside of New Mexico will have an easier qualification than a New Mexican cardholder in regard to multi-state eligibility, purchase limits and cost to participate.

Reciprocity was passed during the 2019 Legislative Session when lawmakers made sweeping changes to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act for the first time since the bill was originally passed in 2007.

“It is exciting to see New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program begin to embrace continuity of care,” said Duke Rodriguez, CEO and president of Ultra Health. “Access to healthcare, especially medical cannabis, should not be limited to arbitrary requirements like where a person lives or whether the state believes their condition should qualify. The ongoing challenge now will be to provide for the medical cannabis needs of 100,000 New Mexicans and the added reciprocal visitors from out-of-state amid historic medical cannabis supply shortages and COVID-19.”

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