United States Opens its First Cannabis Café


Massachusetts may have given the go-ahead for cannabis cafés, but California beat them to the punch. CNN reports that on October 1st, Los Angeles became the home to America’s very first cannabis café.

Aside from being an interesting amenity, the café symbolizes the pioneering efforts of both legislators and cannabis enthusiasts. It also is a huge step forward in normalizing marijuana use as the drug still attempts to shake its Reefer Madness stigma among citizens and legislators.


Lowell Farms


Officially called “Lowell Farms: a Cannabis Café,” the business is open on North Labrea Avenue. On their website, they proudly promote themselves as “America’s original cannabis café.”

The restaurant’s head chef, Andrea Drummer, has extensive experience in the restaurant business and later became highly skilled at creating CBD and THC-infused dishes.

Aside from its marketing value, the title of #1 is certainly something to be proud of, given the fierce competition.

 “West Hollywood created eight cannabis consumption licenses and of more than 300 applicants, Lowell Farms was granted the first one, the restaurant says. That makes it the first business in the United States to be granted a fully legal cannabis consumption license…”

Customers can make reservations online – a smart feature given the inevitable popularity the restaurant will face.


A Place for Everyone


Just because Lowell Farms is a cannabis café does not mean that guests have to consume cannabis – although all customers must be 21 or over to enter. Although cannabis is certainly its central theme, Lowell Farms offers an authentic restaurant experience in line with California’s food culture:


“At Lowell Farms, Drummer has created a menu that will be reflective of California flavors, and it will feature seasonal dishes that are complementary to the effects of THC. Because of current cannabis legislation, the restaurant says, its dishes will not be infused with cannabis.”


Lowell Farms also understands that not every patron is familiar with marijuana. Many will have had no experience and are looking for guidance, often referred to as “canna-curious.”

Fortunately, the café has plenty of knowledgeable staff who can guide patrons on different strains. CNN explains:


“The cafe will have its own version of a sommelier, which it is calling ‘tableside flower service.’ A Lowell Farms ‘flower host’ will discuss the different strains available and explain their flavors and effects.


Smoking cannabis is permitted indoors, but there are two patios – one smoke-free – for individuals who may not want to partake.


A Safe Place for Cannabis Users


Aside from being a cannabis café, the business represents something far beyond its features and services. A spokeswoman for Lowell Farms tells CNN:


“Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will serve as a welcoming and safe environment for all to enjoy and learn about consumption in the newly legal world of cannabis.”


With another seven set to open shortly, cafes like Lowell Farms will be a welcome addition to cannabis culture.


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