Utah Governor Signs Legislation to Fine-Tune State’s Medical Cannabis Law


Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed legislation Feb. 28 that fine-tunes the state’s medical cannabis law days before the state is set to launch its first medical cannabis sales, according to a local KSL News Radio report.

S.B. 121, sponsored by Sen. Evan Vickers, contains several amendments to the state’s Medical Cannabis Act, which the legislature approved in December 2018 to make changes to Utah’s voter-approved medical cannabis ballot initiative.

Key changes include dosage form requirements for medical cannabis products and a provision that allows Utahns to bring medical cannabis in from outside the state in certain situations, KSL News Radio reported.

The law also allows certain cultivation facilities to operate at two locations and allows the facilities to hold educational events, as long as they comply with the Utah Department of Agriculture’s regulations, according to the news outlet.

Employees working for state-owned businesses are protected from penalties for using medical cannabis use under the new law, but private business owners are not required to allow their employees to use medical cannabis, KSL News Radio reported.

Utah’s medical cannabis program is expected to be operational next week, when the first dispensaries open for business, according to the news outlet.

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