Vermont Lawmakers Hope to Consider Legislation to Legalize Cannabis Sales Before Session Ends


Vermont lawmakers are hoping to consider legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis sales in a budget session that begins Aug. 25, according to a Seven Days report.

Earlier this year, both the House and Senate approved versions of a bill that would establish a taxed-and-regulated system for legal cannabis sales, but both chambers had to work out the differences in their legislation before sending a final bill to Gov. Phil Scott.

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The COVID-19 pandemic largely derailed lawmakers’ efforts to finalize their proposal, Seven Days reported, but now, ahead of the upcoming budget session, some legislators are looking to legal cannabis sales to aid Vermont’s economic recovery.

Lawmakers have until the end of September to finalize the state’s spending plan, and if legal cannabis sales are ultimately excluded from the proposal, the legislature would have to restart the process to establish a taxed-and-regulated cannabis market next year, according to Seven Days.

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