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WEDDING CAKE/Cannabis strain-Review

Its Scout back again from CannaBSimple Classically trained Chef & Nutritionist.I also have been an Organic and Hydroponic Cultivator of Medicine for folks for over 29 Years.I am an OG (original grower)..We are working on a Mailed Clone (ad)Venture at present! – CannaBSimple Is the FB Group I Admin. ALL ARE WELCOME! [email protected] and strain [email protected] strans Instagram. Got more but jeez enuff! Subscribing really helps I got like 20 some and glad to have em!Trying to get truthfull info to folks about 1.Whats Medicinal benefits 2. Pedticides etc 3.THCA,CBD% 4 Terpines ,Flavor,Smell 5.Gtower,Geneology,Is it a IIndsca,Sativa, Ruderalis or a Hybrid?What each strain looks like! (HUGE FOR STATES FORCING FOLKS TO COMMIT FELONIES & BE IN DANGER FOR THERE MEDICATION HAVING TO RISK THE BLKMKT)!


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