Weekly Cannabis News Roundup

With so much changing day-to-day with medical cannabis and the looming legalization date in Canada, it can be easy to miss some of the updates. We publish weekly recap blogs of the top stories from the cannabis world, so you can stay in the know.

News cycle from August 13 to 19:

  • Legal Pot Will Mean a Boom in Canadian Cannabis Research. “The landscape for cannabis is changing in Canada, there are more bodies who are willing and able to fund the research necessary to understand cannabis better.” According to Dr. Jonathan Page, CEO and co-founder of Vancouver-based Anandia Labs, legalization will boost the immediacy and importance of cannabis research, primarily in its biological, sensory, clinical and societal impact. The recreational market provides an avenue for cannabis to be explored medicinally, which could prove to be a huge advantage for medical research in Canada.
  • Cannabis could be used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. New findings suggest a compound in cannabis could mimic the body’s inflammation off-switch, potentially leading to a new drug targeting different types of bowel diseases. Researchers from the University of Bath, UK, have found that chemicals within cannabis can mimic the signals found within the body that are used to regulate inflammation in the gut and could also help to treat serious irritable bowel diseases (IBD) such as Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Four myths and misconceptions about pot and your health. With so much information currently being disseminated on cannabis and it’s associated benefits, it can be hard to determine what is fact from fiction. Global News posted a quick overview of common myths and misconceptions surrounding cannabis use, which can be read in full here.
  • Why you should consider adding CBD to your coffee. A New York pharmacist wants to add a little cannabis to your coffee. He’s part  of a growing segment of entrepreneurs pitching the prominent, non-psychoactive marijuana compound as a health food and dietary supplement. His faith in the ability for CBD to help enrich people’s lives has led him to establish Flower Power – a company that infuses hemp-derived CBD into coffee, which Leivent believes is the best way to prevent forgetful people from skipping their CBD dose in the morning.


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